Erika Calesini was born in Morciano di Romagna, Italy in 1974 .
Driven by her great passion for fashion, she graduated from “Istituto Statale d’Arte, F. Mengaroni” in Pesaro , specializing in “Fashion and Costume Design”.
After that , she continued her studies at “Istituto Secoli”, in Bologna, becoming a Fashion Designer.
In 1994, she started to collaborate with prestigiuos fashion and design companies, and finally she decided to create her own clothing and fashion accessories brand, “Accessori di Erika” , sold in the most famous stores in Italy .

In 2005 , whit the help of her father, who was a skilled ironsmith , she tried to bend iron whit the aim of making objects from ferrous waste material, giving it a new soul .
A work of art appeals to our senses, evokes emotions: that’s when her work of art, “Albero di Luce”, was born .

Erika Calesini reinvented her artistic path choosing art as a starting point to show her creative spirit.
Since the beginning of her career, her works formed part of solo and group exhibithions art galleries, museums, private and pubblic spaces, gaining many recognitions .
For Erika Calesini, art is not just a mere expression of here mind, but elements such as commitment, research and recycle provide the basis on which to create works of art embody feelings and passion, whit an attentive eye to sustainability .

The Art of “creative recycling” between irony and environmental sensitivity .




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